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Centre for Peace and Development (CPD) was established in 2004 to promote normative and practical streams of peace work in the South Asian region. It is indeed befitting to have such peace initiative in the ancient city of Varanasi which traditionally exemplifies the intercultural understanding and peace through the life and work of Buddha, Kabir, Tulsi among others.  The Centre for Peace and Development takes a comprehensive vision of Peace and construes in the context of human security and development.

The aim of this initiative is to wedge the gulf between theory and practice in policy-making through a synthesis of the academic findings and experiential inputs from practitioners and professionals. Our mission is to establish a wide peace constituency of resource persons and scholars stretching within and beyond South Asia through workshops and dialogues and publications.

CPD rests on three pillars-theory, data and values and offer an interface between research, prescriptive analysis, policy evaluation and recommendations. The centre offers to impart conflict resolution and peace building techniques in the aspirants who could be a politician, administrator, practitioner, non – governmental organization worker, scholar, academician, military personal or a social worker. The academic and researcher at the centre are involved in developing theories and pedagogy of peace and development research and a self- sufficient research base to support the centre’s programmes and activities.