ISSN 2320 - 1754

    Volume 8, No. 1, June 2018


Peace: Resurgent Perspectives

Priyankar Upadhyaya and ÅshildKolås                                                         1-19

Nonviolent Communication : An essential tool for Volunteering

Vedabhyas Kundu                                                                                      20-27

Baby Halder: A Study of Violence, Voice and Visibility

Saptaparna Roy                                                                                         28-41

Nonviolent Footprints to Promote a Culture of Peace

Sayantani Roy                                                                                           42-52

Role of Law in Ordering Violence in the Family

Anuja S.                                                                                                   53-66

Reconciliating Plural Identities in Lebanon : Role of Civil Society

Vrinda Dar                                                                                               67-78

Challenges of Internal Security and Terrorism in India

Chitaranjan Das Adhikary                                                                         79-86

School Feeding Program in SAARC Countries : Comparative Study

Priya Pandey                                                                                             87-99

Nurturing Emotional Bridge-Building A Dialogue with Nagaland’s Gandhi

Vedabhyas Kundu                                                                                  100-109

Indo-Nepal Relations in the Context of Madheshi Politics

Saurabh & Dhawlendu                                                                           110-122

About the contributors                                                                                  123